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InTech Solutions has been in the data business for over two decades. We take pride in offering entirely customizable solutions based on our client needs. Over the years, our experience and learnings in data handling and management, we have now come up with 4 core products that every business can mix and match based on their needs.

Our 4 core products include

EduWiz stands for Education Wizards, where we help education institutes assimilate, manage, analyze and create simple yet detailed reports of the huge amounts of student data that they need to manage on a regular basis.

Skill Tester is an online test generator. This can be used in a variety of places like entrance tests, survey tests, interviews, employee skill assessment etc. The product can hold more than 6000 questions. It can create tests, asses the responses and generate results and analysis at the click of a button.

Finding it tough to manage your project tasks with multiple members spread across locations? Don’t Worry! Our Task Management System is there for the rescue. Assign tasks, get status, add updates and see the completed tasks all in one easy manageable window.

In simple terms MIS helps generate beautiful and easy to understand reports that helps you understand and analyze your data in one glance. These reports can also be used in various reports that an organization is expected to maintain.

These core products are further divided into different modules that handle a certain aspect of data management. A client can choose from the variety of modules and customize his organizations experience as per his needs. For Eg, under EduWiz – functional module, one can handle the complete life cycle of a student from admission to Alumini. Apart from this, we also have specific modules that handle compliance and statutory bodies, thereby helping the organizations stay on top of all the compliance and statutory body requirements for their organizations. Our Web Portal modules help in building a unified interface for interaction across various stakeholders. For eg: students, staff, faculty, management, parents etc. Such unified portals help in managing the data in a unified format across various segments. Our systems are fully modular and scalable to fit the needs of any Institution / University or Organization.


How can we help you?

Our products are currently being used by leading universities and educational institutes in Maharashtra. At its heart, EduWiz is a data management and analysis system but apart from that we have several modules that can be used in a variety of organizations not limiting to just educational institutes. A Few of our modules that most educational organizations find helpful are –

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